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We aim to ensure that children who come to our centre develop in an all-rounded manner. These are the building blocks that lay a foundation for a child’s development. Because we believe character development to be the cornerstone of successful education, we invest in creating programmes that will bring out your child’s best character. We also believe education should be fun, exciting and engaging. Our programmes are play- and literature-based, developing children in a holistic manner.

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Our Brand Story

At Star Learners, heroes abound.
With a well-rounded, holistic curriculum
And the magic of stories,
We guide children to be their own heroes.
Heroes who are big of heart
As they are bright of mind.
Heroes of Character. Confidence. Creativity.

Inspiring Heroes

What is your child’s dream for the future?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Nahwah, a promising footballer, dreams to be part of the Paris St Germaine Féminines football club.

Star Learners is playing a part in financially supporting Nahwah’s development to achieve her sporting dream.

We believe in inspiring children to be their own heroes. Because when they do, that’s when we know we’ve become one too.


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