A Note from the CEO

A note from the Chief Executive Officer


Thank you for your interest in Star Learners Child Care. We are known in Singapore to be a centre for your child’s education, but truly, Star Learners seeks to be a lot more than that.

Our curriculum is based on the philosophy of building Confident, Creative children with Character. The Star Learners’ curriculum is play-based and seeks to engage learning with a literature-based approach. Meaningful connections are made through integrated learning whereby children develop in holistic manner.

We also place a huge emphasis on character development and have thus created our own Stanley Starfish™ Character Programme which integrates character development into school life.

What this programme aims to do is instill an understanding of what it means to have “good character” and to inculcate in each child values that will hopefully set the foundation for positive development for the rest of his or her life.

Our teachers bring with them a rich blend of qualifications and experience but above all, they are guided by a natural desire to bring out the best in your children.

Together with you, the parents, I am sure Star Learners can give your child the early education he or she will benefit from.

Tan Meng Wei
Chief Executive Officer

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