Hear from our people

Sharon Teo

Cluster Principal

I have been with Star Learners for 6 years now after working in the preschool industry for almost 13 years. My heart was set on finding an organisation that puts the individuals that they cared for first. Star Learners Child Care has exceeded in that area. Even with the growth that we are blessed to have, Star Learners still maintains that warm dependable reputation in all of the communities that we serve. ‘A Family of Professionals’, I proudly call ‘Home’.

Joanna Koh

Cluster Principal

“I have been a centre principal with Star Learners for more than 12 years. Working here has shaped me into who I am today. It entails both teamwork and perseverance and I have acquired many experiences and opportunities here. These include working with people from all walks of life, undergoing character-building workshops, and career advancement.

I also have the opportunity to nurture young children in their development. Come join us if you have a passion for children!”

Thangavalu Sitarangi

Centre Principal

“It has been a truly enriching and fulfilling experience working at Star Learners so far. The Management and staff are really a warm and cool bunch to work with. It really feels great to work amidst a family of professionals who are truly passionate about giving their very best to the children, and are also continually striving to develop the staff members to their utmost abilities.

Star Learners is an organisation that respects you as an individual and believes in work–life balance. I am really glad to be on board!”

Samantha Jui

Assistant Principal

“At Star Learners, I feel that I am a part of an impactful and resourceful company. My learning journey started when I was selected to participate in the Teacher Empowerment Team. All of us work together as a team, are generous in sharing ideas, and are candid in reflecting the challenges we face on the ground.

I have also been given the opportunity to take on a leadership role. With a lot of trust and support from Star Learners, I am able to accelerate my rate of learning and growth as a leader. I strive to lead my teachers towards achieving Star Learners’ goal of building confident, creative children with character.”

Pamela Li

Child Care Teacher

“Working with Star Learners has been a purpose-driven journey that has spurred me on to give my best for children. I am thankful to be in the company of good principals and helpful colleagues who make working life fun. What I enjoy most about working with Star Learners is that opinions are heard and teachers are empowered to make appropriate decisions.”

Zhang NaNa

Child Care Teacher (Chinese)

“我已在Star Learners工作七年了。随着公司的扩大,我也看到了公司对华文的重视。我会更进一步的虚心学习,勤奋工作,争取在各方面取得更大的进步,来回报公司对我的帮助和支持。”

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