Open House

21 September 2019, Saturday

Join us at our Open House on 21 September (Sat), 10am – 1pm, at 31 locations island-wide. Tour our facilities and meet our dedicated educators who will partner you in developing your child in a holistic manner. Learn how children will grow to become confident and creative individuals with character through the magic of stories.

Engage your child at our exciting story-related learning adventure activities stations to experience how we incorporate learning activities with delightful, rhythmic prose.

‘Up, Down, And Around’ by Katherine Ayres Activities:

Activity 1: Go through an obstacle course with directions

Besides reinforcing the directional terms – up, down and around, the children are focused on practising the specific movements, therefore, increasing their accuracy and dexterity. They begin to learn control, coordination and balance in their movements and learn to persevere when faced with difficult obstacles.


Activity 2: Make corn shakers

The children engage in sensory activity to learn more about corn. This enriches their learning experience, igniting their curiosity thus retaining their interest and engagement.



Activity 3: Create butterfly crafts

As the children look for the butterflies in the story, it challenges them to apply observation skills. Providing such experiences allows them to exercise determination in authentic contexts. Painting their own butterflies allows for free expression and deeper engagement in learning about butterflies.


Last but not least, enjoy up to $1,200* savings on school fees when you enrol your child with us!

Register for the Open House today and find out how Star Learners can inspire your child to become a future-ready hero with Character, Confidence and Creativity!

*Promotion is only valid for new parents who sign up for our full-day child care programme, registering no later than 31 October 2019. Child’s commencement date must be no later than 2nd March 2020. Vacancies for 2019 may be limited at certain centres.

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