What Parents Say

Ryan and Peiling Hong

Parents of Jayden Hong (N2), Bukit Batok Centre

“Our older child, Jayden, has been with Star Learners for the past two years and we have all enjoyed our time there.

The love and passion that your teachers have shown for the children is exemplary. It’s in the little things you did to shower them with love. The teachers were sensitive to the presence of a distracted and unhappy child, and it was amazing to see how they comforted them or guided them back to focusing again. Above all, Star Learners has always made a child’s discipline, well-being and healthy development a priority. It always amazes me how the staff could maintain cheery and happy dispositions even after a long and hard day at work. Especially when handling so many children. It must really be passion!

Ms Jane: It warmed our hearts seeing how you knew the strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes of each child at the centre. Whenever I fetched my boy from school, you were always there mingling with parents together with the teachers. It is assuring to see that you and your teachers, cooks and cleaners are a closely-knit team.

Thank you for being a great centre and for giving my hubby and me the peace of mind to leave Jayden in your safe hands while we are at work or at home. Keep up the good work!”

Mr and Mrs Raymond Koh

Father of Kirstyn and Gwyneth Koh (K2), Bishan Central Centre

“We would like to commend your K1 teachers for the excellent work that they have done. You have a great team of caring teachers and support staff and it is heartening to see that our girls have grown to love the school and staff very much. The entire team is committed and works very hard, and we’d like to single out a few teachers who have made the most impact on our girls:

Ms Jasmine Mok – Always a favourite for my girls and she is appreciated for giving them great care and the occasional ‘tough’ love.

Ms Beevi – For her dedicated ways and in ensuring our girls are well looked after.

碧老师 – It is tough to persuade my girls to speak more Mandarin but she did a marvellous job motivating them. As educators ourselves, we often feel we understand children better than others and are in a strong position to help them. But honestly, we pale in comparison to what your teachers are doing in the centres.”

Vincent Low

Father of Noel (K2) and Nathaniel Low (K1), Jurong East Centre

“The Principal and teachers have done a very good job in providing a friendly and conducive learning environment for the children.”

Evelyn Wu

Mother of Nadia Sze En (K1), Jurong East Centre

“The strength of your centre lies not only in your programmes, but also in your dedicated teaching staff. Since my first daughter went to Star Learners, I have had nothing but praises for your teachers.”

Marius Pek

Father of Gisele Pek (N2), Bedok Centre

“My daughter Gisele’s teachers are always willing to share Gisele’s progress and they are helpful whenever I have queries about her well-being. Her teachers are patient and they take care of my girl very well.”

James Teo

Father of Jace Teo (K1), Bedok Centre

“Yang Lao Shi is a very dedicated and caring teacher who has shown a genuine interest in taking care of the kids and teaching them good moral values. Aunty Lian is just lovely. She is a hardworking and committed lady who is mainly responsible for the centre’s cleanliness. However to her best ability, she also tries to assist the teachers.”

Shirley Tan

Parent of Ethan, K1, Thomson

I’m here to express my sincere appreciation to my son’s teachers (K1 Class). Hope you can pass this message to management level. 🙂

I transferred my son to Cambridge (now Star Learners) in early 2015 after realizing that Ethan did not like to go to the previous school and I frequently received complaints.

Today, I can see that my son started to enjoy his time at Star Learners.

I clearly see the valuable efforts from the form teacher Miss Adeline. She updates us his progress and my son is gradually improving in several aspects.

I remember one evening, when I was there to pick up Ethan, I saw Miss Adeline enjoying with K2 students digging up the potatoes they planted a year ago. I truly appreciate those priceless moments she spend with her students and the kind of impact it has on the kids lives.

His Chinese teacher Ms Tang has also done a great job in teaching my son. He speaks Chinese much more often than before.

As a parent, we don’t normally see what happens at school. But I believe if Ethan likes to go to school, that alone proves that the teacher did a great job attracting their affection.

I hope my appreciation will bring the spirits and encouragement to the teachers to continue their hard work in preparing a better future for our kids.