Enrichment Programmes

Enriching Learning Experiences

We collaborate with quality partners to further our children’s interests and strengths

Speech and Drama

Effective communication skills go a long way. Through mimes, poetry recitals, drama improvisation, storytelling and mini performances, children engage their imagination, develop self-confidence, think empathically and develop a love of language in a fun and enjoyable way. Star Learners offers Speech and Drama lessons in both English and Mandarin.

Creative Expression

Activities that encourage creativity enable young children to articulate and convey their thoughts and feelings in non-verbal ways.

Besides helping them nurture their artistic endeavours, optional programmes such as art and music also develop their social-emotional and motor skills.


Getting young children involved in gymnastics is a great way to develop their strength, flexibility and all-round physical development.

General gymnastics are tailored specifically for preschool movement and conducted by trained coaches in safe and familiar environments.


In addition to our Ready Steady Go Kids multi-sports programme, children can take up other sporting activities like Aikido.

Through picturebooks read by professional aikido teachers, the stories reveal fundamental Aikido moves and techniques that children will practice.


With an increasing focus on competencies like problem solving, lessons in coding and science are becoming popular amongst parents.

Practical hands-on activities encourage our curious children to participate in their own learning to develop problem skills in logical thinking and reasoning.

Some of our partners:

Playtime Theatre, Bearyfun Gym, AikiForest,


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