Literature-based Curriculum

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The Power of Stories

Our proprietary literature-based curriculum turns education into an adventure. Using authentic, award-winning children’s literature, we harness the power of stories to immerse every child in rich and exciting learning experiences. Through a multitude of expert techniques such as immersive storytelling and open-ended discussions, children are exposed to a world of perspectives where they learn to tackle concepts in multiple learning areas and develop key competencies like critical thinking and problem solving.

Literature as a Teaching Tool

Key benefits of a literature-based approach


Through exposure to an array of picturebooks, children are introduced to a variety of characters, opening up a world of perspectives as they nurture their abilities to understand how situations appear differently to people. They expand their worldview and learn how to empathise and think beyond themselves.



Our educators don’t just read to children, they read with them. This sparks dialogues where children learn to make sense of and interpret situations, events, objects and relationships not just alone, but with their educators and peers. They bring prior knowledge to current contexts and construct meaning together.


Critical Thinking

Armed with a variety of questioning techniques, our educators engage children and teach them to analyse, evaluate, elaborate, apply, explain, predict and draw conclusions from what they’ve read. Such an approach helps children develop understanding and depth of thought.


Early Literacy & Visual Literacy

It is not just about teaching our children how to read. More so, we develop the skills they need to be successful readers. Our literature-rich learning environments help build essential language skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, self-expression and even visual literacy.


Love for Learning

Stories offer children the chance to discover new worlds, ideas and interesting things about others as well as themselves. They create participatory and immersive experiences, allowing children to enjoy the process of learning and helping them recall lessons even after a long time.


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Beyond Our World of Stories

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