Our Belief

Starbeam Framework

A strong foundation for every child

Our distinct and proprietary Starbeam™ framework is designed to build a solid foundation for preschoolers to develop holistically through our learning approaches. Closely aligned to the “Nurturing Early Learners” curriculum framework set out by the Ministry of Education, children are set to acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions through these six learning domains:

  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Discovery of the World

By harnessing the power of stories, our educators provide ample opportunities for children to develop in these areas and more.

Our Approach

Every learning moment begins with a book

At Star Learners, learning experiences are centered around featured stories from a curated selection of picturebooks. Through immersive storytelling and discussions facilitated by our trained educators, we evoke children’s curiosity. As they explore and discover a world beyond themselves, they develop their thinking and reasoning in different perspectives.

Lessons from the book are then amplified through active learning. From discovering numeracy concepts from the story to exploring story settings in the great outdoors, our children play with purpose. They pick up core competencies through daily activities that are designed for them to collaborate, communicate and reflect.

The Power of Stories
Core Values at our Centres

Inspiring heroes of heart and mind

Who persevere because they enjoy and love learning
Who think critically and creatively, while being able to understand the feelings of others
Who courageously speak up while being respectful
Who engage with others to understand and learn from different perspectives

At our centres, our educators are guided by these values to shape our children to become Happy learners, Empathic thinkers, Respectful, confident communicators and Open collaborators — our definition of a hero at Star Learners.