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Programme and Curriculum

1. Why Literature-based approach?

A literature-based approach delves into the different story elements of a story (such as the characters’ points of views, settings and conflicts) to ignite a child’s imagination while they learn a combination of skills such as communication, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking. It allows the children to respond to the literature in a variety of ways, engaging the different senses e.g. drama, writing, art, music and movement and games.

2. What will my child learn in Star Learners?

Our proprietary Starbeam™ Framework encapsulates the skills necessary for the 21st century as identified by the World Economic Forum. We believe that learning should yield benefits for a lifetime. Thus the Starbeam™ curriculum has been carefully crafted to impart not just knowledge and skills, but also develop habits of mind and attitudes, values and dispositions needed for lifelong learning.

Our children have demonstrated confidence in expressing themselves through the various drama tools incorporated into the curriculum. These tools encourage them to build their courage to speak up and collaborate respectfully with others.

3. How can my child learn Math through stories?

Our literature-based Numeracy focuses on the exploration and application of mathematical concepts in context to the stories we present to our children.

We also have a complementary Math Programme to ensure that the children cover Math concepts in a progressive manner.

4.  How can my child develop a love for the Chinese language through your curriculum?

Our Chinese curriculum engages children through an activity-based approach contextualised through themed learning. Children get to explore and experiment through games and hands-on activities, and participate in stories, songs and nursery rhymes. They also learn to communicate and express themselves creatively through drama and celebrating ethnic festivals. 

5. How does the school keep parents updated on the progress of my child?

 Teacher-parent meetings are held twice a year. Parents can also log in to the Star Learners Parent App for updates on their children’s development and learning activities at the centre. This App also provides parents with information on key announcements and events.

Administrative Matters

6. Do you offer infant care services?

Yes, infant care services, for children aged between 2 months to 18 months, are available at our Sengkang Rivervale, Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands 888 and Yung Ho centres.

7. Can I enrol my child for trial lessons?

Yes, a trial period is available for the first 2 weeks. Please inform the Principal at your preferred centre.

8. Are there any schemes or discounts available to help defray school fees?

The Government offers preschool subsidies and financial assistance to help make preschool education more affordable. Please visit https://www.ecda.gov.sg/Pages/Subsidies-and-Financial-Assistance.aspx for more information.

Do approach your preferred Star Learners Child Care centre or email us at info@starlearners.com.sg for more information on discounts.

9. Are school bus services available?

Please approach your preferred Star Learners Child Care centre to enquire.

10. How does the school keep parents updated on the progress of my child?

Teacher-parent meetings are held twice a year. Parents can also log in to the Star Learners Parent App for updates on their children’s development and learning activities at the centre. This App also provides parents with information on key announcements and events.

 11. How do I know if my preferred Star Learners centre is SPARK-certified?

A SPARK-certified centre should have a SPARK banner and/ or plaque displayed at the centre. You may also wish to refer to the list of SPARK-certified centres at https://www.ecda.gov.sg/sparkinfo/Pages/ListingOfCertifiedCentresByYear.aspx

Teachers and Principals

12. Are the teachers qualified in Early Childhood education?

All of our teachers are qualified; 80% of our teachers and principals have a Diploma and/ or higher in early childhood education.

Safety, Health, Hygiene and Nutrition

13. What measures are in place to ensure the children’s safety and well-being at the centres?

A safe and conducive learning environment is of utmost importance to Star Learners. Some measures that each centre have in place are as follows:

  • Daily health checks are conducted every morning when the child arrives at the centre.
  • Only authorised guardians are allowed to pick up the children from the centre.
  • All entrances and exits are closed at all times and latches locked. Visitors to the centre will also be accompanied by centre staff.
  • Children are to be in their Star Learners uniform while at the centre. This includes outdoor activities and excursions. This helps in the easy identification of our children at all times.
  • Toys, mattresses, and lesson resources are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

14. What happens if my child is ill?

Parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre if their child is ill. To safeguard the well-being of other children in the centre, a letter from a registered medical practitioner certifying that your child is fit to return to the centre may be required if your child is still displaying symptoms of illness. If a doctor is not prepared to certify that your child is fit to return to the centre, it is an indication that your child is still unwell and should rest at home. This is advisable because secondary infections could occur as your child’s immune system is still weak.

Where medication is required to be administered while the child is in the centre, centre staff will only administer medication that is directly prescribed for the child by a registered medical practitioner. Parents are required to fill in the “Medication Record Form” prior to the administration of medication.

15. How are meals for my child prepared at the centre?

We are constantly exploring ways in which we can serve healthy and delicious meals to our children. The ultimate aim is to ensure tasty yet nutritious meals for our children.

Our menu which is based on a 4-week calendar month will comprise a wide variety of cuisines to expose the taste buds of our children, yet at the same time meet the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) requirements. These healthy meals incorporate food from the four main food groups – brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetables and fruit – thereby helping children receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs.

The Central Kitchen will supply the main sauces and soups while the main preparation work will still be carried out in the centre by our cook. The central kitchen is an AVA-licensed establishment and adheres strictly to the HACCP guidelines.

16. Are your kitchens HALAL-certified?

Our kitchens are not HALAL-certified. However, the food served does not contain pork, lard and beef. The meat used are from HALAL sources and the utensils used are also free from pork and lard.

17. Does your menu cater to children with dietary requirements?

We offer 3 types of menus to cater to our children’s dietary requirements. They are our standard menu, vegetarian menu and allergen-free menu. Our allergen-free menu does not contain 85%-90% of the common allergens.

Please inform the Principal upon registration at your preferred centre if your child has any food allergy.

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