Our Journey

Tan Meng Wei

Chief Executive Officer

Note from the CEO

As the world continues to evolve at breakneck speed, it is no longer sufficient for our young ones to be academically ready. At Star Learners, we strongly believe in helping them develop essential skills that will take them way past their early years – and our proprietary literature-based curriculum does just that. Harnessing the power of stories, we engage our little ones and empower them to think critically, creatively, and most importantly, empathically. Our promise is to raise the next generation of heroes who care not just for their world, but also beyond.

The leadership of Star Learners is diverse but we are all parents ourselves. We understand the challenges you face as your child is growing and seek to be that partner in your parenting journey. Above all, we are guided by our corporate values and an intrinsic desire to help bring out the best in every child.

All four of my children are Star Learners alumni and I am more than proud of how far their learnings in their early years have taken them. I am confident your child will get the most out of their preschool years with us too.

At the heart of Star Learners, we believe in Inspiring Heroes.

“There is just so much depth to picturebooks. I have seen how stories have nurtured empathy in our children, as they take perspectives and learn to understand and accept differences.”

Dawn Lim, mother of four

Head, Curriculum & Training

“Driven by our commitment to excellence, we continually train and develop our team of early childhood professionals to provide the best of care and education to every child.”

Sharon Teo, mother of one

Head, Preschools

“The best outcomes for a child can only be achieved with strong home-school partnership. To propel that, we develop tech solutions such as our Parent App to provide ease of communication between educators and parents.”

Poh Soon Tat, father of two

Chief Operating Officer

Our Milestones
Our Awards

These awards presented to us are a strong testament to our commitment to quality.

Awarded the Best Preschool for Literature-based Curriculum by Best in Singapore.

Awarded the Best in Literature-based Curriculum by Parents World, Singapore’s #1 Parenting & Lifestyle magazine.

Awarded the Top Preschool in Singapore by Singapore’s parenting portal, Babyment

Awarded the Popular Choice Award 2023 by local search platform, Serious About Preschool.

Awarded the Parents’ Choice Preschool/Childcare (Private) 2024 by the parent community at theAsianparent.

Featured on Sassy Mama’s Preschool Guide 2024.