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Painting Brushstrokes of Brilliance

Drawn to a career in early childhood education by her innate affection for children, Ada finds herself entranced by their innocence and the endless possibilities they represent. To her beloved children, she’s more than just their teacher; she’s their hero and their artistic muse, in and out of the classroom. Ada was recognised for her artistic talents last year with the Star Awards: Inspiring Hero with Creativity, a testament to her talent and passion for the arts. But what sets her apart is her belief that creativity is not a privilege reserved for the gifted few, but rather a seed that can flourish with nurturing from an early age. It’s a philosophy she ardently instils in her young charges, igniting their imagination and empowering them to explore the limitless possibilities of their minds.

As we delve deeper into her journey, we discover how her approach to thinking outside the box has not only transformed her classroom but also kindled the spark of brilliance within each little heart she touches. Explore Ada’s experiences, where passion, creativity and a dash of adventure come together to shape an extraordinary preschool educator.

EL Preschool Educator
@ tanjong pagar
3 years with Star Learners

What drew you to a career in early childhood education?

I love being around children; I find them really adorable and fun to interact with. It’s like they have this magical ability to bring out my inner child! After going through several internships, I gained such a different perspective on the way they think and see the world. It’s been an eye-opening experience and I’m passionate about being able to use all that knowledge to bring out the best in these children and help them grow and thrive.

You were one of our recipients for the Star Awards: Inspiring Hero with Creativity last year! How has that impacted you professionally and what role do you think creativity plays in the learning and development of pre-schoolers?

Receiving the Star Awards last year has got to be one of my most memorable accomplishments here in Star Learners! As someone with a strong affinity for the arts, getting that recognition has given me a boost of confidence and encouraged me to take risks in exploring new avenues for expressing myself, particularly in how I showcase our curriculum.

I believe that creativity isn’t something you’re born with; it’s like a little seed that needs nurturing from an early age. Every single child has that potential to be creative, and it’s up to us teachers to bring it out in them. When that magic happens, I see these little minds thinking outside the box, becoming more curious about the world around them and gaining the confidence to try new things.

In my daily lessons, I make sure to create opportunities for the children to be expressive and think creatively. For instance, we dive into various art techniques and I always encourage the children to create something that’s truly their own. It may sound simple, but it takes courage from both the children and me – sometimes I’m also stepping out of my comfort zone! What’s interesting is that the more I think out of the box myself, the more the children start doing it too!

Can you share a story about a memorable interaction you made with a child/ parent that had a significant impact on you?

Recently, a parent paid a visit to our centre after a long trip saying how much they had missed us. During the conversation, she kept mentioning how her daughter never stopped talking about me and the other teachers. Each time they went out and a familiar song played, her daughter would excitedly remark, “Teacher Ada always sings this song and it’s my favourite!”

What truly touched me was when the parent told her daughter about her upcoming transition to a new school, and the girl became visibly emotional. Witnessing this heartfelt reaction served as a poignant reminder of the profound connections we forge with every child. Knowing that I’ve played a significant role in positively shaping these children’s lives is gratifying. Some parents also refer to us as their children’s heroes, which is a sentiment that encapsulates the impact we strive to make.

Knowing that I’ve played a significant role in positively shaping these children’s lives is gratifying. Some parents also refer to us as their children’s heroes, which is a sentiment that encapsulates the impact we strive to make.

Outside of the classroom, what are some of your hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing? How do these activities influence your teaching style or approach?

Outside the classroom, I’m an adventure junkie, always up for trying new things and exploring my interests. Right now, one of my favourite hobbies is doing henna art. Last year, during our centre’s Deepavali celebrations, I even did some henna art for the children! I’ve received compliments on my work from my colleagues, family and friends.

Being adventurous and wanting to try new things has definitely influenced my teaching style because it made me open to different perspectives and ideas. Some of my artworks were inspired by the children too! It’s a beautiful cycle of creativity and openness that shapes the way I teach.

What are your well wishes for Star Learners as we celebrate 20 Inspiring Years?

My heartfelt wish encompasses a vision of a future where Star Learners’ name and unique literature-based curriculum transcends boundaries, touching the lives of children in different parts of the world!