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From Boardroom to Playroom

Jee Pang serendipitously found her way into the world of early childhood education. Transitioning from a family business, she used her newfound free time to pursue new interests such as dance and computer courses. A seemingly ordinary course enrolment advertisement sparked Jee Pang’s foray into the industry, and she has never looked back since.

Dispelling the notion that infant educators are glorified babysitters, Jee Pang reveals the intricacies of her daily routine – a meticulous balance of nurturing, planning and keen observation. Her proudest moments reside in the small victories, like the heart-warming echoes of children remembering and calling out her name, long after they have progressed to other levels. These subtle triumphs reinforce her commitment to uncovering the unique potential within every child.

CL Infant Educator
@ Sengkang Rivervale
8 years with Star Learners

*Note: Responses shown in English are translated from interviewees’ original responses in Chinese



What inspired you to pursue a career in early childhood education, particularly in caring for and educating infants and young toddlers?

I used to work in the family business. After it closed down, I found myself with more free time, so I decided to explore new activities like dancing and taking computer courses. During this period, I came across an enrolment advertisement by KLC International Institute. Thinking it might be worth a try, I enrolled in the relevant courses in early childhood education. My entering this field was by a stroke of fate, but as I progressed in my studies, I discovered a genuine sense of joy. I am truly passionate about my work, and I feel confident in my ability to fulfil the demands of this role.


有些人认为幼儿园的工作就像保姆,其实我觉得是个很大的误解。幼儿教育者工作的繁忙程度远超你的相像。当家长把孩子送进我们Star Learners园所的那一刻,我们老师的注意力就已经上升,不能有任何的松懈。除了照顾好孩子,还要思考活动内容和计划,做课前准备,设计区角活动,填上观察表。此外,我们也扮演着多个角色,是孩子的老师,也是他们的引导者、支持者。同时间,也得注意个体幼儿发展和幼儿发出的信息。繁锁的工作,令老师要自己学会缓解压力。希望家长也能体谅老师的工作,理解老师的用心良苦。

As an early childhood educator, what would you say is the most challenging aspect of the work that you do every day?

Some people have a big misconception that child care teachers are just babysitters. The work of an early childhood educator is way more hectic than people realise. The moment parents drop off their children, we kick into high gear and there is no slacking off. We are not just looking after the children – we are planning activities, preparing for lessons, creating activities for learning corners and updating our own observation records. We wear many hats – as teachers, guides and cheerleaders for the little ones. We also have to be adaptable to each child’s growth and progress. It is a busy job but as teachers, we slowly learn how to roll with the punches. We hope parents get how much heart we put into our work.

在 Star Learners 工作这些年,你最引以为豪或觉得最有成就感的经历是什么?这经历对你产生了怎么样的影响?


What has been your proudest moment or most rewarding experience while working at Star Learners, and how has it impacted you personally or professionally?

I am most proud of the passion I have for my job and the way I treat the little ones with a lot of heart. I believe in respecting each child and getting to know their unique personalities, all while making sure we have a good time learning together. There is this boy whom I used to care for as an infant, who has since progressed to Nursery 2. Every time he sees me, he would call out “Fang Fang laoshi!” and proudly tells his friends how I took care of him and taught him when he was a baby. It warms my heart because it means I left a real impression on him. Moments like these affirm my belief that every child has something special in them, and it is my job to nurture their potential and help them grow.

As a Chinese teacher, I am firm in employing the use of only Mandarin in class. I use various ways to extend the learning of the language... all while observing how the children react and learn. Giving them positive feedback promptly is one of my go-to teaching approaches.

你在Star Learners执教已有八年了。你是如何保持对这份工作的热忱?



How do you maintain your own motivation and enthusiasm even after 8 years of teaching here at Star Learners?

One of my biggest motivators is hearing the adorable cries of “Laoshi! Laoshi! (Teacher! Teacher!)” from the little girls in my infant class every day. As a Chinese teacher, I am firm in employing the use of only Mandarin in class. I use various ways to extend the learning of the language, such as playing Mandarin songs, using finger gestures and reviewing my teachings, all while observing how the children react and learn. Giving them positive feedback promptly is one of my go-to teaching approaches.

Having fun with these lovely children is also one of the main reasons why I enjoy my job. Sure, there have been challenges and pressures in this field, but I have also achieved and learned a lot. Even though I am the only Chinese infant educator in this centre, I am confident in my ability to handle the load and believe that I can overcome whatever challenges that come my way.

在我们Star Learners成立20年之际,你对Star Learners有哪些祝语吗?

What are your wishes for Star Learners as we celebrate 20 Inspiring Years?


I hope that Star Learners will achieve even more remarkable accomplishments in the years to come, and continue to contribute even more to the early childhood education industry. Let us work together and create a more brilliant future for our young ones!