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Together We Thrive - 同心绽放

A beacon of inspiration for young learners, Juan Juan shines brightly in their lives. Her recent accolades, including the Star Awards: Inspiring Hero with Confidence and a Commendation Award at the Storytelling Aids Competition for Preschool Chinese Language Teachers, along with her team, attest to her commitment to excellence and the power of teamwork within the nurturing community of Star Learners.

Throughout her journey, Juan Juan has embraced the collaborative spirit that lies at the heart of her teaching philosophy. Through her words, we unravel a story woven with shared aspirations, collective achievements and the boundless potential that flourish when educators come together to create indelible and impactful experiences. Join us as we venture deeper into the heart of her story, where the power of collaboration illuminates every chapter of her journey.

CL Preschool Educator
@ one-north
1.5 Years with Star Learners

*Note: Responses shown in English are translated from interviewees’ original responses in Chinese



What drew you to a career in early childhood education? Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you?

I chose to pursue a career in early childhood education because I really enjoy being around children. As a mother myself, I fully understand the various challenges parents face as they juggle work and caring for their little ones. With my professional knowledge, I can assist fellow parents in addressing and solving issues their children encounter during their formative years. And as I witness their children’s progress and development, I am filled with not only a strong sense of accomplishment, but also a deep sense of fulfilment in my chosen profession.

在Star Learners工作这段期间,你最引以为豪或觉得最有成就感的经历是什么?这经历对你产生了怎么样的影响?

让我分享一个小故事: 疫情过后,今年学校全面开放,幼儿园也开始举办各种活动,并向家长们发出邀请。其中是华人新年的庆祝活动。作为开年首个活动的负责人,我在准备过程中有些小紧张,连每天晚上梦中都在思考活动方案!但我也意识到,这是一个展现我们团队合作和创意的机会。



What has been your proudest moment or most rewarding experience while working at Star Learners? How has it impacted you personally or professionally?

After the pandemic, we resumed various activities this year and welcomed parents back to join us in the festivities at the centre, one of it being the Chinese New Year celebrations. As the teacher-in-charge of the first event of the year, I felt a little nervous during the planning and even dreamt about the preparations every night! I did not want to miss out on an incredible opportunity to showcase our teamwork and creativity.

From the centre decor and engaging storytelling sessions by the teachers, to the children’s lively performances and parents’ active involvement, the event was a success. Though there were still areas for improvement, the entire celebrations ran smoothly — owing to the seamless cooperation of my fellow teachers.

Through this event, bonds among our colleagues were strengthened. It also brought children and teachers closer together and built stronger rapport between parents and teachers. The outcome made me feel extremely happy and fulfilled. I have also come to realise the importance of teamwork and fostered a deeper understanding that through collective effort, we can create wonderful memories and contribute effectively to the growth of the children.

I have also come to realise the importance of teamwork and fostered a deeper understanding that through collective effort, we can create wonderful memories and contribute effectively to the growth of the children.


对于害羞或对学习华文有些排斥的孩子,我们可以采用温和、耐心和支持性的方法, 建立起与孩子的良好关系。下个关键是创造一个舒适、轻松的学习环境,尊重并理解他们不愿意参与活动的原因。


In your experience, what are some effective techniques for encouraging shy or hesitant children to participate and engage in Chinese language learning activities?

When working with shy children or those hesitant in taking part in Chinese language learning, establishing a positive rapport with them is crucial. We can do this via gentle, patient and supportive approaches. First and foremost, we have to create a comfortable and relaxed learning environment for them, while understanding and respecting their reasons for non-participation.

We can then encourage the child to engage in activities that interest them, while promptly acknowledging their efforts and attempts. With a firm understanding of the child’s likes and preferences, we involve parents to work closely with us to help foster interest and confidence in the language, through activities that suit their personalities and learning needs.



What do you hope to achieve in your role as a Chinese language preschool educator? Are there any specific goals or aspirations you have for yourself and the children you teach?

I hope to keep my excitement for learning alive while continuously improving myself to become an exceptional Chinese language teacher. I want to be a role model for the children I teach and show them the joy of learning. I am also committed to establishing a solid foundation in Chinese language learning for my children, and ignite their interest in the language through my various efforts. I love being creative and interactive in the classroom, coming up with fun and engaging lessons to ensure that learning Chinese becomes something they eagerly participate in and enjoy. My ultimate dream is to see their enthusiasm for learning and for them to embrace the process of discovering the language.

在我们Star Learners成立20年之际,你对它有哪些祝语吗?

在Star Learners迎来成立20周年的重要时刻,我衷心向您表达最诚挚的祝福和热烈的祝贺。回顾过去的岁月,您见证了无数孩子的成长与进步。作为孩子们学习生活的摇篮,您承载了他们美好童年的回忆,成为了他们学业道路上的引路人。20年的不懈付出和辛勤耕耘,见证了Star Learners的茁壮成长与蓬勃发展。您深刻体现了Star Learners追求卓越的信念和勇气,同时也为教育事业作出了杰出贡献。愿Star Learners在未来的征程中继续璀璨前行,创造更加辉煌的明天。Star Learners 20周年纪念日快乐!

What are your well wishes for Star Learners as we celebrate 20 Inspiring Years?

As Star Learners commemorates two inspiring decades, I extend my heartfelt congratulations and warmest wishes. Looking back, your impact on countless young minds’ growth and progress is truly remarkable. As a nurturing sanctuary for learning, you’ve etched treasured memories and stood as guiding lights on their paths to education. Through 20 years of unwavering dedication and diligence, you’ve evolved and advanced tremendously. Your commitment, courage and contributions to the industry runs deep. May Star Learners’ brilliance continue to radiate, illuminating an even more splendid future in the chapters yet to come. Happy 20th anniversary Star Learners!